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    • Tensile machine new customer training


      Hengxu is a responsible enterprise. For customers purchasing power for just a tensile testing machine, the desire to solve problems is to allow operators to master it as soon as possible the operation steps and methods of the tensile test and trial need to pay attention to details. Without systematic training, it is a waste of time and can hurt the pull machine. Therefore, hengxu will send professional technicians to train operators. Only in this way can we fully grasp the technology of the operation tensile testing machine in the shortest time, so as to carry out the tensile test of materials as soon as possible, so that the product can be put into production as quickly as possible. Here is a brief introduction of the training. I hope I can help you


      Ⅰ、 Operation procedure of tensile testing machine


      1. If we want to complete the whole tension test, we need to know the operation process of the tensile testing machine, and we will first read the instruction manual of the pull machine carefully. When we learned about the pull machine, we followed the technicians to carry out the tension test.


      2. The first step is to open the software measurement and control system on the computer, and then turn on the test machine power. Select the test type according to the experiment.


      3. Then select the appropriate speed to lift the test machine up and down to make sure the system is operating normally.


      4. According to the number of trials to be conducted, the corresponding test record number shall be created. Fill in the corresponding batch number, number, test environment, sample size and other relevant data.


      5. Clamping the material of the critical test in the tension machine clamping device.


      6. According to the test force and the range of deformation required by the test, select the appropriate test force and the deformation gear (range).


      7. Clear zero: the test force, deformation and displacement are zero.


      8. After the preparation, click the start button to carry out the tension test.


      9. After the test is pulled off, save the data result or print.


      10. Turn off the power.






      Ⅱ、Attention to detail when operating tension testing machine

      1. Check the bench of the pull machine before the experiment is stable.

      2. The fixture must be clamping the test material to prevent shedding.

      3. The connection line of the sensor should be tested and maintained regularly.

      4. The bearing part of the test machine should be lubricated regularly






      The failure of tensile testing machine should be checked and solved

      1. When the tension machine is in trouble, we will analyze it and see where the problem occurs.

      2. Can repair or replace the new parts equipment in the area where there are problems.

      3. If there is no reason for the failure, we should call the manufacturer immediately and ask the technician to help us solve it.